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    Toowoomba’s leading radiator mechanic

    Top Quality repairs and servicing

    Neilsens Radiator Service  is proud to offer fast and efficient repairs of radiators and more.

    Neilsens Radiator Service's services can improve engine and fuel efficiency, and enhance your heating and cooling systems. For fast repairs that will see you back on the road sooner, contact Neilsens Radiator Service  in Toowoomba  today.
    Call 07 4632 2349 or email us using the form on the contact page.

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    Neilsens Radiator Service's radiator mechanic specialises in complete radiator services. This means that we can take care of any issue your car's radiator may be experiencing, whether big or small.
    We offer:
    New Radiator Assemblies Ready To Go

    • Re-cores
    • Repairs & Cleanouts
    • Any Make/Model
    • Remove and Install Radiators
    • Engine Power Flush
    • Antifreeze Antiboil and Coolant
    • Specialising In Radiator Caps

    For your radiator specialist in Toowoomba, call us today.

    Gas Struts

    We can also take care of your GAS STRUT problems. No more looking for something to hold the bonnet or the boot open - Neilsens Radiator Service can take care of it for you.

    Call us for Gas Struts

    Our services include       

    • New Gas Struts for most Vehicles Bonnets, Boots and Tailgates.
    • New Gas Struts from 130mm to 830mm for all things different.
    • We can recharge your existing gas struts or provide exchange units.
    • We set the Gas pressure to your requirements.
    • Special Gas Struts can be made to order.
    • Stainless Steel Gas Struts from 200mm to 700mm

    Our Guarantee

    All of our work, including our new Gas Struts, is covered by a 12-month guarantee.

    Other Products

    Neilsens Radiator Service is a leading supplier of radiators and a range of other spare parts. Specialising in your car's heating and cooling systems, we have quality:

    • Oil coolers
    • Heat exchangers
    • Other spare parts
    neilsens radiator service spare parts

    For more details regarding our range, call us on 07 4632 2349 or simply drop in to see us. 

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